Why Italian wines?

Italian wine is produced in every single region of Italy, and it’s now the biggest producer of wine in the world, followed closely by France. Wine production is a huge part of Italian history, as the country has been producing for over 4000 years. And let’s not forget that Italy is the birthplace of Prosecco; Italy’s most famous sparkling wine.

There is of course a huge cultural association now too, with the average Italian consuming 37 litres per year. Wine is carefully chosen to complement a meal with the family, or a night of conversation with friends. Its taste and story is discussed and valued. The taste of the wine is important, but so is the region it was produced and the winery that nurtured it into fruition.

Italy is home to a great number of different grape varieties and many of them are rarely seen outside of the country. Each one of them has a story to tell, some precise characteristics that describe the grape and where it comes from — they are all different from one another. You have wines that you can enjoy young, and others that require more time to evolve. You have a wine for every different palate, that no matter what you will be able to remember.” said our co-founder, Daniel Curro.


Wine is clearly an important to Daniel and his co-founder Moreno Carbone. Both Italian, they were brought up with an appreciation for wine, and with a soft-spot for Italian produce. Speaking of his family life in Italy, Daniel said,I grew up in a family where drinking good wine and eating good food was very important. I still remember my parents going to visit a new vineyard, buying and storing new wines in our cellar. When I started tasting wine I understood that there was a world to discover. I started to study in order to know more about this fascinating world, and then this naturally evolved into buying wine to create a personal collection.”.

The Vices York was always going to be a beautiful showcase of Italian wine but opening our wine store, The Archive, gave an even bigger opportunity to really celebrate what Italy has to offer. When a customer books a complimentary 45 minute shopping session, they have exclusive access to both the collection and to Daniel’s expertise.

Italy is a treasure trove for any wine lover. Taste your way through the various regions to notice the variety in fragrance and to understand the differences in the grapes.


Wines from across Italy

Daniel’s preferred region: It’s always difficult to identify a preferred region as they all offer something unique, but if I have to I would probably go with my emotions and say Puglia, with its Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes.