Yorkshire Post – Lizzie Murphy with Daniel Curro

January saw business journalist Lizzie Murphy, from The Yorkshire Post, interview our co-founder and sommelier Daniel Curro. Lizzie took the time to understand the motivations behind opening The Vices York, which gave a fantastic insight into Daniel’s customer-led approach to business.

Speaking to The Yorkshire Post, Daniel said, “I was a chef in a restaurant in York and I realised that, although it was a big passion of mine, I didn’t have enough of a relationship with the customer.”

Daniel Curro

Fast forward to now and Daniel’s role is all about the customer relationship. Although circumstances mean that he can’t spend a lot of time directly with our customers, every task is still perfectly customer-centric.

From choosing and sourcing wines that will wow our clientele, to responding to customer enquiries around choosing the right wine. From sourcing the right packaging that will delight our customers, to perfecting the customer journey for the upcoming hotel experience.

The article also gave an exciting insight into what’s to come with our York-based hotel. Renovation is ongoing on what was once a Victoria Police Station, but will soon be a stylish hotel with three dazzling suites, a restaurant and bar.

“The finishing touches are where the customers are going to really see the attention to detail that went into the renovation.” Mr Curro said.

Artists, designers and suppliers such as Davide Groppi, Abimis, Ex.t, Listone Giordano and Iris Ceramica are part of these finishing touches. Geniuses in their fields, and innovators in their industry – we can’t wait to show you how they fit into the vision for The Vices York.

To read the full article from Lizzie Murphy, click here.