Henri Giraud, Fût de Chêne Aÿ Grand Cru Brut



The founding Cuvée of the new Giraud history, a symbol of a return to excellence and the origins of Champagne. Multi Vintage, a guardian of Champagne know-how and natural modernity, combines traditional craftsmanship and modern winemaking techniques while keeping in mind the period when the great families of Champagne built the region’s history on the genius of its people and its wines.

Here is a unique lace built in the image of great perfumes, the perpetual reserve, gentle animal attraction stimulates the features of this Champagne. Salinity and warmth underline the meticulousness, harmony, and dexterity of MV.

Vintage: MV14
Grape Varieties: 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay

Awards MV14: Decanter 96/100


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The bouquet has an opulent profundity, a harmony of elder and magnolia flowers, acacia honey, caramelized figs, barley cookies and blond tobacco. The dense and generous mouthfeel has flavours of golden delicious apple, Mirabelle jam and candied citrus fruit, with a nice mentholated tension from the chalk substrata that balances this Champagne’s dynamism.


Great accompaniment to spicy dishes, poultry or fish in creamy sauces.


Great accompaniment to spicy dishes, poultry or fish in creamy sauces.

THE MAKER: Henri Giraud

The saltiness, intensity and aromatic complexity of Champagne Henri Giraud make it one of the jewels of Excellence in this region. With only 250,000 bottles of which only a few thousand bottles for its grande cuvees, these champagnes are sought-after by collectors and lovers of great wines from around the world.

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MV13, 150cl, MV14, 75cl

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